Food for Thought – What 8 body positive activists want you to know about losing weight in the new year by Mashable

What 8 Body Activists Want You to Know about Losing Weight in the New Year

Every year, right around January 1st, the pressure to lose weight and achieve bodily perfection increases.  It can be seen in the ads for diet pills and the rise of infomercials for fad fitness regimes.  Now, I’m all about setting goals and think that resolutions are awesome.  The danger comes when they’re unattainable, unhealthy, or just plain bad for you and your body.

“Your body is many things, but I promise it’s not your enemy.” ~Virgie Tovar, author, activist and creator of #LoseHateNotWeight

Check out this article from Mashable for a different take on the idea of quick weight loss as the best way to start off 2016.  It’s a great read and offers a perspective that has me rethinking how I want to approach this new year!

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