3 Ways to Cut Down on Your Trash

But why should I care about cutting back on my trash?  Let’s face it, reducing your trash means fewer times you have to take the garbage out (sweet) AND less nagging from your roommate/significant other, mom, ect. It also means there’s less waste in the world which I guess is cool too.

For the majority of my 20 something years on this beautiful planet, I never really thought about where the stuff I threw away went. The garbage truck picked it up and then Poof! It evaporated or something.

Not so much.

It’s easy to not think about things (like garbage) when they no longer directly impact you. The truth is that your trash goes to overflowing landfills, out into the ocean, and sometimes even to developing countries. YIKES. I won’t subject you to any disturbing pics but feel free to hit up Google.


In honor of Earth Day 2k16: 3 Ways to Cut Down on Your Trash

1. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bags)

This one seems like a no-brainer right? Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store!   As with anything, you need to set yourself up for success.  I keep them in my car, and try to return them as soon as I’ve unloaded the food into my fridge.

On the occasion I’ve forgotten them, I still told the checker that I didn’t need a bag.  The awkward walk out with precarious bananas atop berry cartons drew some strange looks.  You can bet I remembered my bags the next time!

2. Stop buying plastic water bottles

Our great grandparents would roll over in their graves and have a fit if they knew we were paying mad $$$ for a bottle of water.  But it’s pure and filtered and tastes better, you say?  Buy a filter for your tap water and use a reusable bottle.  You’ll save in the long run!  I’m absolutely obsessed with my S’well.  24 hours cold, 12 hours hot with no leakage or bottle sweat. Plus it’s cute. Find one that works for you and your life and make it your adventure buddy. Never leave the house without: wallet, phone, keys and your trusty water bottle.

3. Pack snacks in reusable containers

Ziploc and other sellers of plastic bags have a good thing going (for themselves!) They sell you a product that’s intended to be thrown away which means you have to buy more.  Brilliant.  Don’t be sucked in.  Spend a few more dollars up front for some reusable containers and use them on the reg. Who’s laughing now?  Or do as I do and clean out empty glass jars when you finish them.  Goodbye crunchy peanut butter, hello new snack container!

Pretty easy changes to make in your life: Reduce your trash and save yourself some cash. Wow, that should be some sort of hashtag.

Treat yourself to some vegetable juice with those savings.  I just had some while writing this and it was delicious.

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