The Granada Diaries: Cheers to the Weekend!

The first weekend in Granada was a success!  I can’t believe it’s only been one week.  We’ve done so much already!  The days here are almost like getting two for one.  You have an entire day in the morning, then you siesta after lunch, and have another day until midnight or one.

Saturday morning we left early for the beach.  The name is Playa Del La Herradura which means Horseshoe Beach.  The cove is shaped in an arclike fashion, hence the name.

I had the best time kayaking and paddle boarding for hours.  I must have applied sunscreen at least four times but I didn’t burn!  I kept losing my paddle while attempting SUP yoga – thank goodness it floated.  Briefly was able to get a headstand, but sadly no pics.  I attempted to round up a crew for beach volleyball.  There was some good bonding and shared laughs, but it wasn’t a real game.

We returned from the beach around 5:30pm and promptly showered and passed out.  The sun was draining and we’d had quite a bit of activity!  After dinner, we went out to a discoteca.  It was so much fun!  There was a mix of American music and Spanish hits but the dancing was a blast.  We had a huge group of people but there were plenty of locals too.

Sunday I slept in until 10am but probably could have slept longer!  We had breakfast, did some homework, then went for a beautiful walk near the Alhambra.  A refreshing drink on the terrace at the Hotel Alhambra Palace was the perfect afternoon treat with spectacular views of the city.

I slept for a bit in the afternoon once we’d had lunch then went to Mass at a nearby church.  I didn’t understand a lot of it or know the responses, but it was nice to be there especially on September 11th.  It was emotional to not be in the U.S. on such a day.

Chatted briefly with the fam and longer with my brother which was wonderful.  We discussed the skinny nature of Spaniards and their need to lift weights and tone up.  Too funny!

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