The Granada Diaries: Fin de Semana!

This weekend was the festival of Nuestra Señora de Las Angustias and all of the Catholic believers in Granada brought flowers to the Basilica.  They built a living wall of the offerings outside!  The lines to bring bouquets to the front were extremely long but determined grannies stubbornly held their place in the queue.

Saturday morning was spent writing my essay on the Alhambra and catching up on school work.  Then I took a walk and explored the city a bit before booking a trip to Portugal in the coming weeks!  Travel here is so easy and accessible.

We went out in a group at night to a few places before ending up at a club called Boom Boom Room.  I still can’t believe that’s the real name!  Apparently it was a special night, because around 3:30am a special stage appeared and a drag show with dancers began.  They shot confetti into the crowd and made it rain with fake dollar bills.  We weren’t expecting it at all but it ended up being a blast.  The dry ice mist they sprayed into the crowd made my skin sting a bit.  The struggles of being in the middle of the dance floor…

There was still confetti in my hair when I woke up Sunday morning.  It was a low key day since we had stayed out late the night before.  By the afternoon, my energy was back and I went to a cafe for a few hours with other students to go over homework.  We chatted more than we studies but I didn’t mind – especially once I was served my cappuccino!

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