The Granada Diaries: I find a yoga studio

Class today was great except for the massive amount of homework we received. Don’t they know we have fun things in the city to do?! I will begrudgingly admit that it is helpful to my language skills. 

Realized not only does my birthday fall on a Monday, but we have a 3 hour exam that day. Let’s hope that equates to good performance on my part. Birthday luck is a thing right?

Found a yoga studio this afternoon with a fellow student who is herself certified. It was a totally strange class but I loved it. There were only four people so we each received quite a bit of attention. I made major progress with my handstand! The class was instructed in a mix of Spanish, English, Sanskrit, and gesturing. There was the occasion not too gentle tap as well….

I left feeling incredible! My body definitely needed some twisting and bending. The 10 minutes of ab work was no joke either! Can’t wait to go back. 

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