The Granada Diaries: Officially a Local

The highlight of my day was having a Spanish teen ask me where a store called Lefties was located.  Not only did I know where it was, but I was successfully able to communicate this without seeming like a gringa! 

Grammar class this morning was hugely helpful since we reviewed verb tenses.  It should have been tedious, but the profesora was quite a character and she was able to make even the past preterite conjugations interesting and relevant.  She killed a bee quite dramatically mid-class.  It feels as though I’ve learned more in a few days here than I did in years of classes!  I suppose they gave me a good foundation and I can only improve exponentially from where I am now.

My favorite part of the day was our group walk of the district Albayzín.  It’s an incredible neighborhood with spectacular views of the Alhambra.  It’s also a top a miniature mountain so my calfs were burning by the top! #legday  The tiny streets are a maze and I plan to go back on Sunday to wander around and better learn the area.

I went for a run in a gorgeous park after returning home from our long walk.  It felt so good to move and have the cool air on my skin.  The nights are finally cooling off a bit.  I stretched out and did some yoga after running a few miles and endured some intrusive stares from los españoles.  I felt so good I didn’t mind a bit!

Considering I ran around 10 until 10:45 at night, I was amazed at the amount of people, including young children, out and about.  This city keeps the strangest hours!  It is a Friday night, but still.  Since we’re going to the beach in the morning, I elected to stay in after my run.  I’m so glad I did because I ended up having a lovely, in depth conversation with my host mom.  We watched a little of The Big Bang Theory in Spanish which was hilarious!

Meal of the day:

Breakfast (8:45am):  Watermelon, clementine, Earl Gray tea

Merienda = Snack (11am): Espresso doble, raw seed bar –> my last one 🙁

Lunch (3:00pm): Almonds, popped sour cream onion chips, leeks with garlic, vegetable lasagna, fresh pan, and ice cream from a local heladería for dessert.  It was Alhambra flavored which I think was a vanilla nut variety.  ‘Twas very refreshing!  I saved half for another day.

Dinner (11:30pm): Chilled tomato soup, mini pizza with artichokes and tomatoes

Hype for the beach tomorrow!

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