The Granada Diaries: Walk It Out

Peep the gorgeous library!  The yellow is so happy and bright.

Menu of the day:

  • Breakfast (8:40am): earl grey tea, pomegranate juice, honey bun toast, apples and watermelon
  • Lunch (2:45pm): frozen berry juice, salad of lettuce/cucumbers/tomatoes/mushrooms, spaghetti marinara and a mini flan
  • Snack (6:30pm): frozen yogurt
  • Dinner (9:40pm): gazpacho, artichoke hearts, banana and spring rolls

During a short break from classes, I grabbed an espresso in a nearby cafe. The image on the cup reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.  Do you agree?

Espresso in Granada

After class, we walked to another building to see where we might have classes.  Then it was time for lunch!  We had a few hours before the evening historic walk, so the meal was very relaxed.  My roommate took a nap and I ended up wandering around the city and checking out some shopping.  I restrained myself from purchasing anything…yet!

The evening walk was wonderful.  It was still almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but I loved seeing more of the city.  We walked along the outside of La Catedral and through some smaller streets and plazas.  The ice cream was our treat at the end of our walk.  The coldness of the frozen yoghurt was amazing after the heat of the day.

I took the long way home to better familiarize myself with the city of Granada.  We had our meal and then I was able to chat with my mom and sister!!  The dog even made an appearance 🙂

We have a placement exam tomorrow so I need to review some verb tenses.  With the exception of verbs, I’ve been very confident in my language skills!


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