The Granada Diaries: Welcome to the Real World

Today we had the pleasure of taking a placement exam at nine in the morning.  It went okay, but we won’t know until later.  Fortunately, this was more of a quiz to help the professors acertain what to work on for our review month of September.  At the end of this month, I’ll have to take an exam that will determine what advanced classes I can take.  That will be the one to stress about!

After the mini text, we were assigned a two page essay!  In all my time imagining this semester, I will admit I somewhat forgot about taking classes and studying…

Meal of the day:

  • Breakfast (8:15am): Cherry juice, toast, kiwi and orange
  • Lunch (3:30pm): Vegetable rice, gazpacho, salad with sprouts and mini quiche
  • Dinner: (9:45pm): Toast with egg and cucumbers with mozzarella

I also enjoyed an espresso doble at 11am with a few other gals from the program.  It’s been awesome to start to get to know people!

Lunch with my Spanish mom and roommate was lovely as always.  I didn’t take a siesta but wrote the beginning of my essay.  Then I walked around looking for a pair of cuñas aka espadrille wedge sandals.  I have yet to find the perfect shoe so my search continues.

I met up with some people from the group for an optional information session and walk about the University in Granada and different buildings.  We also touched on the different libraries and sporting areas the school has that are accessible to students.  I was very sad to hear that the sand volleyball courts had been filled in a few years ago!

I ended up going for tapas and sangria with two other seniors afterward.  Before then, I hadn’t spoken more than two words to them so it felt nice to establish some camaraderie.  Plus the sangria was delicious!  (The calamari not so much)

They were going out afterward since Thursdays are a big night for the young people, but I had to return to the apartment for dinner (and to finish my essay).  There will be plenty of other nights to check out the night scene!

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