Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016!  While I’ll most likely spend the next two months writing 2016 as 2015 then drawing a line to connect the 5, I’m happy it’s the new year.  There’s something fresh and shiny about beginnings – literally anything could happen.  No wonder so many people are making resolutions!

New Year's Fireworks

Often it seems that goals for the new year are based on fear or regret about what didn’t get accomplished in 2015.  Starting this year with resentment toward yourself over anything you did or didn’t do won’t help to make 2016 any better.  Instead, try being grateful for everything that has already happened and simply being excited for what’s to come.  I’ve found that when I’m able to approach changes to my life in a positive manner, I’m A) Much more likely to stick with them and B) much more likely to reap the rewards.

Goals that are specific are awesome, but they also need to work for you.  While I’d love to tell myself that I run at least 5 miles everyday, write in a gratitude journal every night before I go to sleep, and read a book a week, I can recognize that those aren’t realistic goals for me and my life.  I dislike running immensely, don’t always want to write in bed, and sometimes time is a spare thing during the week.

However, I can commit to doing something active everyday.  Whether that’s a yoga class (an activity I LOVE) or even just a long walk, it’s something that I both enjoy and view as doable – so I’m less likely to throw in the towel by January 2nd (see: Running, hatred).  I can think of 3 things I’m grateful for as I’m falling asleep.  Reading on the weekends is definitely an activity I can add to my routine, and it could even spill over into my week.  BUT if it doesn’t, I won’t beat myself up about it, because it would be a bonus to also read on weekdays rather than a failure if I didn’t.

What works for me won’t necessarily work for everyone.  The key is to know yourself well enough to be able to recognize what’s possible for you and then to push yourself.  Hope you all had a ton of fun last night!

How are you setting your goals and resolutions for 2016?  Any new approaches? Let me know!

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