Inspo from when hot yoga was a little toasty

I’m a total sucker for hot yoga.  Full blown addict. I go to class almost daily when my schedule permits.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but I still tend to start and end my day with headstands and (working on my) handstands.  My roommates are used to me doing wall splits in the kitchen… you get the picture.

ANYWAY, at class last night, the room really started to heat up and I started getting a little queasy.  Not what you want, especially when you had green soup an hour before class (pea and kale soup – ’twas delicious).  After a brief child’s pose to pull myself together, I made it through the remainder of the time and happily collapsed into savasana.

That’s where the magic really happens.  A lot of people end up trying yoga to get in better shape (um yes hello).  The reason we continue to practice is about so much more than the physical.

Even though my legs sometimes shake and I may feel pukey in class on occasion, I keep coming back.  It keeps me sane.  A few days without practicing and I’m living in an anxious haze.  When I roll out my mat, I know that I can find calm even in the midst of chaos.

The teacher’s voice filtered through my attempts at meditating in savasana to read a quote.

“Wisdom tells me I am nothing.  Love tells me I am everything.  Between the two my life flows” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Be open to wisdom as you lead a life of compassion.


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