So you want to be a writer

Well hey, welcome to the club!  I’ve stressed for too long about how to write good content to the point where I simply didn’t write at all – exactly the opposite of what I was going for.

It’s so easy to look at well-established blogs with their beautiful layouts and awesome posts with hundreds of comments and feel like you have nothing to contribute.  NEWS FLASH: you do!  Every single one of us has a unique perspective to offer – we just have to be willing to do so.

It’s kind of fun to go to your favorite blogs and go wayyy back in their archives to find their oldest, very first posts.  You’ll be amazed by how, shall we say, unpolished? they seem compared to what you’re used to on their site.  But everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

You can too.  All you have to do is….

  1. Start.  Literally just write.  SHOW UP.
  2. Commit to posting or journaling or something on a scheduled basis (make this feasible for your schedule) and stick with it.  Some days it might be total crap but do it anyway.  It’ll pay off!  We all know about Malcolm Gladwell’s rule of 10,000 hours (yeesh so much time) but chip away at it with consistency and the power of compounding will improve your writing dramatically over time.
  3. Read a lot, as often as you can, anything and everything that strikes your interest.  I truly believe that reading makes you a better writer!  It can spark ideas, increase your knowledge and creativity, and is way better for your brain than Netflix (I still love you Netflix).  Seriously, though.  Dorky as it is, check out your local library too.  Much as I love reading on my iPad, sometimes nothing beats the feeling of a solid book in your hands.