T –1 Day to Granada: Adios Chicago!

I leave in the morning for a semester in Spain.  That’s kind of a long time – four months to be exact.  Saying goodbye to my family will be tough, as always, but it makes me appreciate time with them all the more.  Some R&R time at home in Chicago was just what I needed after a fast-paced summer in New York city!

My last few days here were utter perfection.  We celebrated my birthday early with dinner out on a rooftop terrace overlooking Lake Michigan.  Getting one last sail in with amazing friends was a wonderful wrap up to my time in Chicago.  The best view of the city is looking back at it from out on the water!

It’s hard to believe my trip is finally here.  I’ve been talking about going to Spain for so long and it’s actually happening!!  I’m all packed and ready to head to the airport in the morning.  My bag weighs well under 50 pounds (shocking really) which is excellent since I plan on doing some serious Spanish shopping.  I have my passport, snacks, and an eye mask for the plane.  Here’s hoping there are good movie options on the seven-hour flight!

I’m nervous and excited all at once.  I know I should sleep but I just keep wondering about, well, pretty much everything.  A million questions are racing through my head…

  • What will my host mom be like? Will we get along well?
  • How will I possibly adapt to dinner at 10:30pm?!!
  • Do I like Spanish food?  What is Spanish food?
  • Is working out a thing?
  • How different is the Spanish / Andalusian dialect from the Latam style I’m used to speaking?
  • Are my classes difficult?
  • Will I have a ton of free time?
  • Should I find a job to further immerse myself?
  • How delicious is Spanish coffee?
  • Did I pack enough? Did I pack too much?
  • How does one say “downward dog” en español?
  • To siesta or not to siesta?
  • Just how attractive are the Spanish men…
  • How often do I get to / should I talk to people back home?
  • Who will I spend my time with?
  • What will a normal day look like?

There’s only one way to find out!  Buen viaje a mi!

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