It’s okay to not know what you want

An object in motion stays in motion.  That’s one of the few things I retained from my high school physics class.  I’m fairly certain I was too busy flirting with the guy next to me to learn the rest of Newton’s laws, but at least I learned something.

Newton’s first law can be stated as:

An object in at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Couch potatoes tend to stay couch potatoes unless an unbalanced force comes around and shakes things up.  We’re creatures of habit and we like to coast, but it’s when we stretch ourselves that we start creating a life we enjoy.

You don’t have to know exactly where you’re going or what you want to do with the rest of your life.  With the exception of my cousin who has wanted to be a pediatric doctor since she was at least 9, very few of us have that kind of clarity.  (She recently graduated medical school and is absolutely incredible!)

For the rest of us lay people, it’s totally okay and normal to feel a little unsure about our general life path.  Just start moving in a certain direction, it doesn’t matter which one!  The important thing is to begin something, anything.  Put one metaphorical foot in front of the other and get going.

At the very least you’ll learn what you don’t want – a valuable lesson in itself.  Alternatively, you may stumble upon something wonderful you never knew existed, but only if you get off your couch and put yourself out there.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert writes about being devoted to inquisitiveness.

“Curiosity is accessible to everyone.  Passion can seem intimidatingly out of reach at times – a distant tower of flame, accessible only to geniuses and to those who are specially touched by God.  But curiosity is a milder, quieter, more welcoming, and more democratic entity.”

So ask yourself: What am I interested in?  It doesn’t have to be profound or the solution to world hunger, it just has to peak your interest.  

Go on a scavenger hunt and follow what makes you curious.  Take that dance class, plant a garden, start learning another language.  You do you.

What makes you curious?

The Granada Diaries: Ice Cream and Amigos!

Pink Granada flavor ice cream in cup

Friday was a bit of a rough day for a lot of the people in the program.  It was the end of our second full week here in Granada.  Some of the initial excitement has worn off and stress about school has started to set in!  As the people around me were panicking, I remained calm about the high expectations regarding our school work. (I think it helps that I have a job lined up for after graduation!)

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living  in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu

Once I shifted my mindset, the day was mine to enjoy!  I had granada (pomegranate) flavored gelato with a few girls after class.  We went to the science museum in the afternoon and finished up with tapas and sangria.  Spending some time with people in the program and chatting about things other than school made me feel so much more connected and comfortable.

Ended up going out to dinner with my host mom and roommate.  We had the best time laughing and chatting outside at a barre.  It’s so fun to sit out on the sidewalk on a weekend and watch the Spanish live their lives!  Now I have an essay to write about Washington Irving and the Alhambra.  Time to get on the grind.


Is there ever enough time?

You may delay, but time will not. Benjamin Franklin Quote clock

Time.  Everyone wants more of it, and no one seems to have enough. It’s the great equalizer.  Even the wealthiest and most successful individuals in the world  are limited to 24 hours a day.

You (yes you) get the exact same number of minutes that Beyoncé and Warren Buffet do.  The difference is how you choose to spend your time.

We’re all guilty of procrastination.  Why do you think I had to quit Netflix?  It was a huge time-waster and escape mechanism that was preventing me from pursuing things that actually mattered.

The challenge: Pick one thing that you can do today to move yourself forward.

Read an article, learn a new skill by watching a tutorial on Youtube, organize yourself for the week. Do something. 

How do you keep yourself from getting stagnant where you are?

Inspo from when hot yoga was a little toasty

I’m a total sucker for hot yoga.  Full blown addict. I go to class almost daily when my schedule permits.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but I still tend to start and end my day with headstands and (working on my) handstands.  My roommates are used to me doing wall splits in the kitchen… you get the picture.

ANYWAY, at class last night, the room really started to heat up and I started getting a little queasy.  Not what you want, especially when you had green soup an hour before class (pea and kale soup – ’twas delicious).  After a brief child’s pose to pull myself together, I made it through the remainder of the time and happily collapsed into savasana.

That’s where the magic really happens.  A lot of people end up trying yoga to get in better shape (um yes hello).  The reason we continue to practice is about so much more than the physical.

Even though my legs sometimes shake and I may feel pukey in class on occasion, I keep coming back.  It keeps me sane.  A few days without practicing and I’m living in an anxious haze.  When I roll out my mat, I know that I can find calm even in the midst of chaos.

The teacher’s voice filtered through my attempts at meditating in savasana to read a quote.

“Wisdom tells me I am nothing.  Love tells me I am everything.  Between the two my life flows” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Be open to wisdom as you lead a life of compassion.