Thoughts on Studying Abroad Senior Year

Yesterday was the first day of classes on campus and I wasn’t there.  As I saw photos of my fellow seniors celebrating their ‘last first day,’ I couldn’t help but feel a little left out.  Did I do the right thing in choosing to study abroad my senior year?  Who even does that?

I know in my head that spending four months in Spain will be an incredible experience and that I’ll likely end up loving every minute.  I wanted this: a change from the college routine I’ve grown accustomed to and, quite frankly, begun to find somewhat boring.  If the stories told by other students who went abroad are to be believed, this next semester could be life-changing.  

And yet here I am frozen in between.  I haven’t packed, though I leave in a few days.  The tightness in my chest is a strange mixture of anxiety and excitement for what’s to come.  So much change is ahead of me that I don’t really know whether to laugh or cry. It’s kind of overwhelming.

In The Obstacle is the WayRyan Holiday poses a simple question.

     Does getting upset provide you with more options?

     Sometimes it does. But in this instance?

     No, I suppose not.

Being nervous is normal, but spending my time abroad worrying about friends or family back home or the dreaded FOMO is anything but helpful.  I am in control of my emotions, not  the other way around.  I choose to have an amazing four months abroad filled with adventure, joy, discovery and human connection.

To my fellow seniors, enjoy your last fall semester.  I can’t wait to swap stories with you in the spring!  Family, I’ll miss you more than I can say, but I know you’re only a Facetime call away.  Thank you for pushing me to try something different – even if it does make me one of the oldest people on the trip 🙂

Espana, here I come!!

If anyone has packing advice, sightseeing ideas for me, or travel stories, I would love to hear from you!

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