When in Rome…


TreviFountain copy

After spending just two days here in Roma, I’ve already fallen in love with this city and its inhabitants.  Everything here bursts with a richness of flavor and expression that I’ve never experienced elsewhere.  It’s all so magical and enticing; the history, the people, the melody of the Italian language…not to mention the coffee!

Cappuccino and Chocolate Croissant

Italian style breakfast – cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. Absolutely delicious!

There’s so much to see here and it’s almost overwhelming how much beauty you take in on a single street.  The vestiges of a much earlier time are hinted at in every building, fountain, and narrow cobblestoned street.  Yet the Romans live and work in the very same structures that were built centuries before!  Our tour guide today pointed out still-standing monuments that were built B.C. then later referred to the Parliament building as “new” – it was constructed in the 1800s.

The language sounds similar to Spanish and I’ve been happily surprised by my (albeit limited) understanding of overheard conversations.  Italian may have to be the next language I learn!




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